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Circular NBB_2018_25 / Suitability of directors, members of the management committee, responsible persons of independent control functions and senior managers of financial institutions

Circular NBB_2020_27 / Prudential status of payment institutions and electronic money institutionsPDF

Communication NBB_2020_22 / EBA Opinion on obstacles under Article 32(3) of the RTS on SCA & CSC under PSD2 (EBA-Op-2020-10).PDF

Circular NBB_2020_23 / European Banking Authority (EBA) Guidelines of 29 November 2019 on ICT and security risk management (EBA/GL/2019/04)PDF

Circular NBB_2020_24 / Reporting on operational and security risks of payment services to be submitted by payment institutions and electronic money institutionsPDF

Communication NBB_2020_15 / Reduction of reporting to the Bank in response to COVID-19

Circulaire NBB_2020_21 / Orientations de l’ABE (EBA/GL/2020/02) sur les moratoires législatifs et non législatifs sur les remboursements de prêts appliqués en raison de la pandémie de COVID-19

Announcement NBB_2019_23 / EBA Opinion on the elements of strong customer authentication under PSD2 (EBA-Op-2019-06)

Circular 2020_NBB_018 / Recommendations of the Bank on outsourcing to cloud service providersPDF

Communication NBB_2020_017 / Insurance - Update of the overarching circular on governancePDF