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Circular NBB_2018_25 / Suitability of directors, members of the management committee, responsible persons of independent control functions and senior managers of financial institutions

Communication NBB_2020_15 / Reduction of reporting to the Bank in response to COVID-19

Circular NBB_2017_16 / Intragroup derivative transactions exemption procedure from the clearing and/or collateral exchanges obligations

Circulaire NBB_2019_18 / Guidelines on sound management practices and reporting concerning interest rate risk arising from non-trading activities

Communication NBB_2019_29: eCorporate: transmission des rapports de compliance – modification de la date

Communication NBB_2013_07 / Communication of the NBB and of the FSMA

Circulaire NBB_2019_14: Orientations de l’ABE (EBA/GL/2019/01) sur la spécification des types d’expositions devant être considérés comme présentant un risque élevé

Communication NBB_2019_08 / Expectations with regard to the preparation of the audit plan and the comprehensive report

Circulaire NBB_2019_07 / Orientations de l’ABE sur les tests de résistance des établissements

Communication NBB_2012_11/ Prudential expectations regarding cloud computing