NBB Supervision Portal Helpdesk

NBB Supervision Portal

The new NBB Supervision Portal allows all institutions under supervision of the NBB and their auditors to follow-up on their reporting obligations related to prudential supervision activities.

As announced in the communication NBB_2022_14, the NBB Supervision Portal has been available for all institutions and their auditors since 3 October 2022. The portal is accessible through the following link: https://supervision.nbb.be.

Information session with demo (webinar)

Here you will find the information shared during the webinars of 19 and 20 September 2022. The webinar recordings are available in French or in Dutch and include a demo of the portal.

Presentation slides

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find useful information on the NBB Supervision portal, in particular concerning the content of the application, access and how it relates to OneGate.  

Technical issues and questions

Questions and problems related to application availability, browser compatibility issues, website availability, etc.: +32 2 221 40 60

Access and authorization issues

Questions and problems related to certificates: +32 2 221 40 60

Questions and problems related to access and login, password problems (activation codes): [email protected]

Content issues

Questions and problems related to application functionality, surveys, etc.: [email protected]

In the application, you will also find the contact persons at the NBB who are responsible for your file (see the Identification Sheet).