eManex Helpdesk

The Bank is aware that the eManex platform has in certain respects become obsolete from an IT perspective and that its legal references to the supervision laws are no longer up to date. The Bank is working on solutions and has decided to integrate eManex in its larger project to develop a digitised Fit & Proper portal. Until this project is implemented, the Bank will make only minor technical changes to the eManex platform. As regards the legal references, the Bank asks institutions, pending the above-mentioned solution, to apply them by analogy with the current legislative framework and to ensure as much continuity as possible. In case of doubt, institutions can contact the designated file managers of the Bank to discuss how best to enter the relevant data into eManex.

Technical issues and questions

Questions and problems related to application availability, browser compatibility issues, website availability, etc.: +32 2 221 40 60

Access and authorisation issues

Questions and problems related to certificates: +32 2 221 40 60

Questions and problems related to access and login, password problems (activation codes): emanex@nbb.be

Content issues

Questions and problems related to application features, surveys, etc.: emanex@nbb.be

In the application, you will also find the contact persons at the NBB who are responsible for your file.