Scope in the case of businesses (business loans)

2.1 Who is this scheme aimed at?

The target public of the moratorium encompasses all permanently in Belgium based  viable non-financial businesses, SMEs,  self-employed persons (including unincorporated self-employed persons) and non-profit organisations, in so far as they are experiencing payment problems due to the coronavirus crisis.

Enterprises and organisations that already benefited from a maximum credit deferral of 9 months under the first and/or second Charter for business credit deferrals are eligible for additional credit deferrals as long as they are “sound”, as defined in the third Charter for business credit deferral.

A postponement of payment can be requested for one of the following business loans:

  • loans with a fixed repayment plan
  • cash credits
  • fixed advances

Public authorities cannot request a postponement of payment.


2.2 What is meant by “payment problems due to the coronavirus crisis”?

The banking sector has drawn up a uniform approach for determining “payment problems due to the coronavirus crisis” for (segments of) individuals and businesses in two Charters (mortgage credit - business credit).