Q&As Moratorium and guarantee scheme

These Q&As were drawn up to the best of our ability on the basis of current knowledge and information. It is only the final legal texts that will be binding. The final texts may deviate from these Q&As.

PDF version Q&As – 16 July 2020

PDF version Q&As – 10 September 2020 (changes compared to version 16 July 2020 in yellow)

The federal government, the National Bank of Belgium and the Belgian financial sector have agreed on the provision of temporary support for businesses, self-employed persons and households. Individuals experiencing payment problems as a result of the coronavirus crisis may delay their mortgage loan payments. Sound businesses and self-employed persons can also request postponement of their loan repayments. In their case, two guarantee schemes will also be implemented for new loans and credit lines granted by banks until 31 December 2020[1].

In addition to these Q&As, reference is made to the charters (in French and in Dutch), as well as to the related Q&As in which banks have set out their commitments concerning the arrangements for postponing payments on mortgages and business loans respectively.


[1] The first guarantee scheme initially guaranteed loans granted until 30 September 2020. An amending Royal Decree is being drafted to extend this period until 31 December 2020. For the purposes of these FAQs, it is assumed that this extension already applies.