What is an anti-theft device, or intelligent banknote neutralisation system (IBNS)?

Intelligent banknote neutralisation systems (IBNS) are cash protection systems to secure banknotes against unauthorised access, for example, in ATMs (cash dispenser), during transportation or in cash vaults. The idea of an IBNS is to remove the anticipated reward of the crime and make the stolen banknotes worthless, but also to increase the risk for the criminals of being caught. IBNS are a form of crime prevention measure. In case an attack on an IBNS-protected cash container is detected, the banknotes are heavily stained by a permanent ink. Such marked money is highly conspicuous and cannot be readily used. Glue is an alternative means for neutralisation. Glue fuses all banknotes inside an ATM cassette together into a solid brick. If one tries to peel off single banknotes, they will tear into pieces.