Am I on the blacklist of bad debtors?

Why have I been placed on the blacklist?

Whenever you borrow money for personal reasons, you must of course pay back the sum you’ve been lent. When you take out a loan, if you are late with or fail to make a payment the lender (be it a bank, insurance company, finance company, etc.) must inform the National Bank’s Individual Credit Register.

You will then be placed on the blacklist of bad debtors. This can be annoying because it will be very hard for you to get another loan or a new credit line, as lenders are required to consult this list before granting a loan or extending credit.

If, as a consumer, you would like your name to be taken off this payment arrears blacklist, you do not have to contact the Individual Credit Register directly. Indeed, once you have settled your debt, the lender is required by law to report the repayment to the Individual Credit Register within eight days. Please note, however, that a record of the default will remain on the list for another year.

How can I check my situation?

eID - itsme

You may request a free summary of the data registered in your name (name of the lender, amount borrowed, loan number and status):

No information on the data on file will be given out over the telephone.

If you learn that the Individual Credit Register contains incorrect information about you, you may ask to have it corrected.