FAQ - Extract

1. When will I receive an activation code for Extract?

You will receive an invoice from the National Bank of Belgium a few days after filling in the subscription form. Once the invoice has been paid, an activation code will be sent by e-mail. A subscription is valid for one year from activation.

2. Where can I find definitions for the financial ratios?

Ratios for companies (available in Dutch and French)

Ratios for associations and foundations (available in Dutch and French)

3. Are there any limits on the search results?

It is possible to search for up to 500 company numbers. The results may not exceed 80,000 company numbers.

4. How can I indicate the desired financial year?

The financial year must be selected using the drop-down list. Only one financial year can be selected per search.

5. What does it mean if the results contain strange characters?


The CSV data file is encoded in UTF-8. The user must choose 65001:Unicode (UTF-8) format when importing data. Choose the “File Origin” option via Data, Get Data, From file, From Text/CSV).

Example of a solution in Excel: