E-mail disclaimer

The National Bank of Belgium (hereinafter referred to as the NBB) uses e-mails to exchange information about or for fulfilling the tasks it has been assigned. The content of the NBB's e-mails and attachments, if any, is intended solely for the person or organisation to whom or to which it is addressed and, where appropriate, solely for the purpose or use mentioned therein. These e-mails may contain confidential information. Should you inadvertently receive an e-mail from the NBB, please report this to the NBB (info@nbb.be) and delete the e-mail.

The NBB does its utmost to keep its e-mails free from viruses but should an e-mail sent from the NBB nonetheless contain a virus or harmful attachment, the NBB may not be held liable for this. The same provision applies to damage caused by the improper use of e-mail addresses and damage as a result of a delayed delivery or the loss of e-mails (both completely and in part).

Notwithstanding any other and long-standing practices, staff and representatives of the NBB may not conclude any binding agreements on behalf of the NBB as a result of exchanging e-mails with other parties, without using a legally recognised digital signature or unless it is followed by a formal written confirmation with one or two signatures binding the Bank.

The NBB reserves the right to read and keep any messages sent from and to its e-mail addresses, where this is allowed by law. Consequently, the NBB advises third parties not to send personal message to the NBB's e-mail addresses but to use only the personal e-mail addresses and telecommunication applications of its staff and representatives towards this end.

Any personal data the NBB collects by e-mail will be gathered pursuant to the conditions laid down in the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data.