Copyright and use of information

The National Bank of Belgium (hereinafter referred to as the NBB) expressly reserves all copyright in respect of its websites. The copyright extends to texts, photographs, formatting, layout, slogans, illustrations and other items featured on the websites. The distribution, reproduction and use of the content published on the websites is governed by the following conditions.

Visitors may freely use the information obtained directly from the websites. This information may be distributed, provided it is accurately presented and the NBB is cited as the source. The distribution, reproduction and use of information received from external websites referred to by the NBB's websites is managed by these third-party websites. The distribution, reproduction and use of certain types of information, such as statistics, may be subject to specific conditions.

Where information obtained from the websites of the NBB is incorporated into documents or files to be offered to third parties for a charge (irrespective of the medium), the natural or legal person publishing the information should be notified beforehand that the information may also be consulted free of charge through the NBB's websites.

The reproduction or distribution, in part or in full, of documents mentioning the name of the author (s) (such as NBB Working Papers, individual contributions NBB journals or other studies) in the form of an other printed or electronically produced publication is allowed only if the NBB's formal written consent is sought beforehand.