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OneGate is an application for online data collection. Each user is given their own user name and a password and can thus declare data in their own name. Various statistics published by the National Bank of Belgium make use of the OneGate application. More information about this application can be found on our OneGate website .

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    Returns via OneGate
Balance of Payments - Foreign activities - services - non-financial companies (domain BBP)
F02BRO - insurance intermediaries   Login
F02TRA - tourism   Login
F01DGS - all services   Login
F01CDC - coordination centres   Login
F13CON - construction and industrial installations   Login
F23CON - specific sectors, building contractors   Login
F02CCI - payement cards   Login
F03AVS - audio-visual media   Login
F03CMS - specific services   Login
F03TRP - transport   Login
F03MER - goods - traders   Login
F01MER - triangular trade   Login
F01ENE - energy   Login
Balance of Payments - Foreign activities - services - financial companies (domain BBP)
F01PKI - banks   Login
F02INS - insurance companies   Login
F02RIN - reinsurance companies   Login
F02PSF - pension funds   Login
F02OPC - collective investment undertakings   Login
F02STB - stockbroking firms   Login
F02INV - portfolio management companies   Login
F01MTR - transfer of funds abroad   Login
Balance of payments - Trade credits with abroad (domain BBP)
S03CCR - debts and receivables vis-à-vis abroad pursuant to transactions of goods   Login
Balance of payments - List of resident clients - credit institutions (domain BBP)
L01PKI - list of resident clients and number of transactions   Login
Balance of payments - Portfolio investments (domain PRT)
S10PKI - credit institutions - assets on a territorial basis   Login
S11PKI - credit institutions - liabilities on a territorial basis   Login
S19PKI - credit institutions - foreign branches   Login
S10INS - insurance companies - territorial basis   Login
S19INS - insurance companies - foreign branches   Login
S10RIN - reinsurance companies   Login
S10PSF - pension funds   Login
S10OPC - mutual funds   Login
S10OPM - money market umbrella funds   Login
S10STB - brokerage firms   Login
S10INV - asset management firms   Login
S10SNF - non-financial companies   Login
S12PKI - credit institutions - securities on a territorial basis   Login
S12STB - brokerage firms   Login
Direct Investments - Other investments (domain DI)
GRPFDI - structure of the group   Login
F13FDI / F33FDI / F43FDI - flows of direct investments   Login
S13FDI / S23FDI / S33FDI / S43FDI - stocks on direct investments   Login
S13FAT/ S23FAT / S33FAT / S43FAT - FATS data (foreign affiliates trade statistics)   Login
R13FDI / R23FDI / R33FDI / R43FDI - results of direct investments and stocks of shares equity detained indirectly   Login
F13FOI / F33FOI / F43FOI / F53FOI - flows of other investments   Login
S13FOI / S33FOI / S43FOI / S53FOI / S63FOI - stocks on other investments   Login
Intrastat (domain EX)
Different forms EX 19 and 29   Login
Scheme A (domain SFI)
    Login [Identifier KBO]
Table 40.36 (domain SFI)
Money market funds    
Interest-rate survey (domain MIR)
    Login [Identifier KBO]
Structural survey - credit institutions (domain ESB)
BNK - structural survey (credit institutions)   Login [Identifier KBO]
EIB - European Investment Bank   Login [Identifier KBO]
Structural survey - insurance companies (domain ESA)
CBFA - structural survey (insurance companies)   Login
SUC - structural survey (subsidiaries)   Login
REA - structural survey (reinsurance companies)   Login
Financial Vehicle Corporations (domain FVC)
FVC   Login
Financial and prudential [XBRL] reports (FINREP, COREP,... - domains XFI and CAR)
FINREP   Login [Identifier KBO]
Table 03.70   Login [Identifier KBO]
Basel II, Pillar I (COREP; tables 90.01-90.18)   Login [Identifier KBO]
Basel II, Pillar II (B2P2; tables 90.30-90.34)   Login [Identifier KBO]
Segregation (table 20.11)   Login [Identifier KBO]
Management of UCI (table 90.19)   Login [Identifier KBO]
State Guarantee (domain BBB)
Central Corporate Credit (domain CKO)
Insurance Companies (domain CPA)
Anti-Money Laundry (domain AML)
Remuneration (domain REM)