Pieter Verhelst

Pieter Verhelst
Regent since 17 May 2016
Born in Ghent on 23 June 1978


Member of the Executive Committee of Boerenbond (Belgian Farmers’ Union)


  • Master’s Degree in Applied Economic Sciences – Commercial Engineering graduate, KU Leuven 1996-2002
  • Advanced studies in Agricultural Development, University of Ghent (2002-2003)
  • Visiting Scholar, Waste Management, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (US) (February 2007 - May 2007)


  • Member of the Executive Committee of Boerenbond: since 01.12.2015
  • Advisor on International and European Policy – Boerenbond Research Service: 01.02.2008-01.12.2015
  • Assistant - PHD Student at the Bio-Engineering Sciences Faculty, University of Ghent: 01.02.2004-31.01.2008

Other current mandates or functions

  • Boerenbond Executive Committee
    Member (since 01.12.2015)
  • Boerenbond Bondsraad (national council)
    Member (since 01.12.2015)
  • Agri-Investment Fund
    Member of the Investment Committee (since February 2016)
  • Boerenbond Policy Committee
    Member (since 01.12.2015)
  • National Cooperation Council
    Member of the General Assembly (since 21.12.2015)
  • Kampani nv
    Member of the Board of Directors (since February 2015)
  • BIO Invest nv
    Member of the Board and Chairman of the Audit Committee (since January 2014)
  • INCOFIN cvso
    Member of the Board of Directors and Investment Committee (since March 2014)
  • World Farmers' Organisation
    Boerenbond representative (since 01.04.2016)
  • Trias vzw
    Member of the Board of Directors (since June 2016)

Previous mandates or functions

  • COPA (01.02.2008-11.01.2016)
    Member of the Policy Coordination Committee
    Member of the COPA Praesidium
    Member of the Cogeca Praesidium
  • International Dairy Federation
    Member of the Board of Directors and General Assembly (01.02.2008-11.01.2016)