Claire Tillekaerts

Born in Ghent, on 16 February 1957

Regent since 18 May 2020

Chairwoman of the Council of Regency since 18 May 2020


CEO of Flanders Investment & Trade


Master’s Degree in Law

Postgraduate diploma in Management


2012 - present:      CEO of Flanders Investment & Trade

2006 - 2012:          General Director of Flanders Investment & Trade

2001 - 2006:          Head of Legal Department at the Hogeschool Gent Associatie Universiteit Gent

1980 - 2001:          Lawyer at the Bar of Ghent

1984 - 1990:          Assistant at the University of Ghent (UGent)

Current mandates or functions

  • Flemish Agency for Foreign Trade
    Member of the Board
  • Belgisch Commissariaat-Generaal voor de Internationale Tentoonstellingen - Commissariat général belge pour les expositions internationales
    Member of the Management committee
  • De Warande
    Member of the Board
  • Internationaal Filmfestival Vlaanderen Gent
  • National Delcredere Office (Credendo - Belgian export credit agency)
    Member of the Board
  • UGent
    Member of the Board
  • Vlaams-Europees Verbindingsagentschap (VLEVA) (Liaison Agency Flanders-Europe)
    Board member
  • Flanders House New York
    Board member
  • Vlamingen in de Wereld (Flemings in the World foundation)
    Board member 
  • Concertgebouw Brugge
    Board member
  • CIFAL Flanders
    Board member

Past mandates or functions

  • Flanders DC
    Member of the Board
  • Jobpunt Vlaanderen (human resources consultancy)
    Member of the Board
  • NVAO (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders)
    Member of the Board
  • Flemish Audiovisual Fund
    Board member 
  • National Bank of Belgium
    Member of the Board of Censors (15.05.2017-18.05.2020)