Individual Credit Register (ICR)

The Individual Credit Register contains information about:

  • all consumer credit and mortgage loans contracted in Belgium by natural persons for private purposes and 
  • all defaults on such loans (the so-called “blacklist”).

The ICR is a tool used to combat consumer over-indebtedness in Belgium.

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  The Individual Credit Register can no longer be reached by phone.


Consumers can consult free of charge the data relating to them in the ICR.

Consumers: My data in the CICR

Professionals - reporting agents

Lenders are obliged to :

  • consult the ICR before extending a loan (or credit) and
  • notify the ICR upon the conclusion of a loan (or credit) agreement.

Professionals - authorised persons

A limited number of individuals are permitted by law to consult the ICR under certain conditions, in their capacity as persons authorised to receive information (so-called “authorised persons”). This group mainly includes debt negotiators, lawyers and trustees.