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Replacement of the ICR portal by BECRIS: get ready in time!

The Individual Credit Register (ICR) and the Corporate Credit Register (CCR) will soon use the same IT platform, called BECRIS (Belgian Credit Risk Information System).
BECRIS (NL) - Quickguide   BECRIS (FR) - Quickguide

ICR lenders will start reporting data to BECRIS in January 2024, but the official transition will only take place on 1 May 2024.

Reporting agents are actively preparing for this transition. Please find below a guide to help you get started.
BECRIS - Startguide (NL)   BECRIS - Startguide (FR)


As a lender, you are obliged to:

To lenders-only access

Categories of lenders

The following categories of institutions participate in the Individual Credit Register (ICR):

  • credit institutions
  • social lenders
  • instalment sellers
  • other financial institutions granting consumer loans
  • insurance companies and other entities granting mortgage loans
  • credit insurance companies
  • debt collection agencies

Lenders must be licensed by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) to be able to participate in the ICR.   

Like lenders, credit insurance companies and debt collection agencies have a notification obligation. This is the case when they take over the rights arising from a loan or credit agreement. 

Information to be submitted

Lenders must submit the following data to the ICR:

  • the identification data of the borrower(s): the borrower’s identification number in the National Population Register, full name, date of birth, gender and address;
  • the characteristics of the loan or credit agreement: the type of loan, the number of the contract and
    • for instalment sales, finance leases and instalment loans or for mortgages in any of these forms: the total amount to be repaid by the consumer, the instalment amount if the instalments are equal, the amount of the first instalment if the instalments are not equal, the number of instalments, the initial frequency of instalments, and the dates of the first and last instalments;  
    • for credit lines: the credit limit and, if applicable, the end date of the agreement;
    • for mortgage loans: the mortgage amount, the mortgage payment if the payments are equal, the amount of the first payment if the mortgage payments are not equal, the number of payments, the initial frequency of payments, and the dates of the first and last payments.
  • defaults: the date of delinquency and the overdue amount. 

Notification period

Data must be submitted to the ICR by a given deadline:

  • for new credit agreements: within two business days from signing of the agreement;
  • for payment defaults: within eight business days from establishment of the default based on the statutory criteria;
  • for regularisation: within eight business days from payment of the arrears. 

ICR information site for lenders

Lenders can find more information and instructions on the lenders-only information site.

Access to this environment requires a logon ID and password. These credentials are provided by default to every new lender registered with the ICR. 

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More information

Lenders that wish to obtain more information on the submission of data to the ICR can go to Information for lenders |

Transition to the BECRIS application in 2024

The National Bank of Belgium is preparing to integrate the ICR into a new IT application called BECRIS (Belgian Extended Credit Risk Information System).

BECRIS will become operational in 2024 and will require preparation on the part of lenders. Procedures for both the submission and consultation of data will be adapted.

More information on the BECRIS application can be found on a dedicated Sharepoint site, the successor to the current Corporate Credit Register information site for lenders. 

Lenders that do not yet have access to this environment should complete the form below.