Information for consumers

Info voor particulieren

Consumers have the right to consult the data pertaining to them in the Individual Credit Register (ICR) free of charge

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When exercising this right, you will be provided with an overview of the data registered under your name (the name of the lender, the reference number of the loan agreement, the principal amount of the loan and, if applicable, any defaults thereunder).

The ICR is continuously updated and contains only information pertaining to current credit agreements. Data on past credit agreements cannot be found in the ICR.

It's not possible to consult the credit data of a deceased person. The data of a deceased person are automatically deleted from the ICR. 

Nor is it possible to consult data pertaining to a third party (e.g. a family member).

The right of access to the ICR is a personal right which may only be exercised by the individual concerned. Exceptionally, this right may be extended to lawyers, trustees and debt negotiators, who are entitled to consult the credit data of other persons under specific circumstances.

How can I consult my data?

  Personal data will never be given out over the telephone. The ICR provides information on registered data only by post!

Online consultation
(the easiest and quickest way!)

To online consultation

Click here for more practical information. 

By e-mail

Send a double-sided copy of your ID card and a signed request to [email protected].

By signed letter

Send a signed letter and a double-sided copy of your ID card to:
National Bank of Belgium, Individual Credit Register, Boulevard de Berlaimont 14, 1000 Brussels

At the National Bank

Go to the following address:

Boulevard de Berlaimont 3
1000 Brussels

and present your ID card at the window (this type of consultation is only possible for one's own credit data; consultation by the holder of a power-of-attorney is thus not allowed).

Information on opening hours can be found here

Data retention period

Data on agreements that are performed without incident are deleted from the ICR within three months and eight days from the end of the agreement.

In the event of default, however, the following retention periods will apply: 

  • for repayment (regularisation): one year from the date of regularisation;
  • for non-regularisation: ten years from the first date of default.

List of bad debtors

More information on the ICR's list of bad debtors ("the blacklist") can be found here

Need help managing your debts?

  You can contact a debt negotiation service near you.

These bodies assist individuals facing temporary or recurring financial difficulties and will help to identify the best possible solution to your specific problems.   

For more information, please visit the website of the Observatorium Krediet en Schuldenlast/Observatoire du Crédit et de l’Endettement