Statutory basis of the ICR

Wettelijke basis

The statutory basis for the ICR is mainly the Code of Economic Law and the royal decree of 23 March 2017 governing the Individual Credit Register (ICR).

Book VII of the Code of Economic Law contains provisions on consumer credit (Arts. VII.64 to VII.122), mortgage loans (Arts. VII.123 to VII.147) and the Individual Credit Register (Arts. VII.148 to VII.157). 

Other relevant pieces of legislation include:

  • Royal decree of 5 February 1990 governing access by the National Bank of Belgium to the National Population Register and the use of identification numbers
  • Act of 5 July 1998 on collective debt settlement and the possibility of over-the-counter foreclosure sales
  • Royal decree of 22 April 1999 governing the registration of collective debt-settlement notices by the National Bank and the consultation thereof by the persons referred to in Article 19 §2 of the Act of 5 July 1998 on collective debt settlement and the possibility of over-the-counter foreclosure sales 
  • Royal decree of 29 October 2001 on the steering committee of the Individual Credit Register (ICR)
  • Programme Act of 26 December 2015 on the Fund to Fight Over-indebtedness (Title 2, Chapter 6 - Economy, Section 4).