In Belgium, data are submitted to the Corporate Credit Register (CCR) solely by lenders, which are required by law to report certain information.

Borrowers cannot submit information to the CCR directly.  


Information on consumer credit and mortgage loans extended to natural persons for private purposes need not be submitted to the CCR. This type of data is kept in the Individual Credit Register (ICR).

Information to be reported

Reporting agents must submit the following items of information to the CCR:

  • the credit beneficiary (or beneficiaries): legal and/or natural persons;
  • credit details: the type of instrument, the amount, the start date, etc.;
  • additional information to allow better assessment of the risks, such as any possible defaults or protection (insurance or cover against adverse credit events).  

Information for lenders

Lenders that would like more information on the reporting of data to the CCR should visit the  ‘Information for reporting agents’ page.