Information for borrowers and guarantors

All borrowers and guarantors have the right to consult free of charge the information recorded under their name in the Corporate Credit Register (CCR).

Info voor kredietnemers en borgstellers 1

The information that may be consulted includes:

  • the identification details of the borrower and any possible co-borrower(s): administrative district (country or region), corporate form, institutional sector, etc.;
  • the characteristics of the credit agreement: the type of credit, the identification code of the agreement, the authorised, drawn down and outstanding amounts, etc.;   
  • any possible defaults: the amount and date of default.


It is only possible to consult data registered in the CCR under your own name or the name of the company of which you are a legal representative (as defined in Article 14 of the Royal Decree of 27 December 2021).

Process to be followed

Info voor kredietnemers en borgstellers 2

To consult the CCR, please send a written, dated and signed request to:

National Bank of Belgium (NBB)
Corporate Credit Register (CCR)
de Berlaimontlaan 14
1000 Brussels

or by email to: [email protected]

The request must be accompanied by the following:

  • double-sided copy of the identity card of the natural person submitting the request or representing a legal entity; in the latter case, a power of attorney must also be provided;   
  • the applicant’s complete identification details:
    • for natural persons: the last name, official first name, date of birth, full address and national number in the Population Register;
    • for legal entities: the name, corporate form, registered office address and company number.

The results will be sent to the legal entity’s registered office address or to the address indicated in the Population Register, for natural persons, depending on whether the request was submitted on behalf of a natural or legal person.