Domestic accounts, financial contracts and transactions involving cash

Gegevens rechtzetten in het CAP

Any person may request, free of charge, the correction of incorrect data relating to domestic accounts, contracts and transactions involving cash registered in their name in the Central Point of Contact for accounts and financial contracts (CPC) database. To this end, the person concerned must contact the financial institution that submitted the data. The reporting agent will first correct the incorrect data in its own files and then immediately report the corrected data to the CPC.

The NBB is not authorised by law to amend data in the CPC.

Foreign accounts

Belgian residents and their authorised representatives can correct or update previously reported data regarding foreign accounts. 

Three types of changes are possible:

  • Notification of the closure of a foreign account or the transfer of a foreign account to one's children (using the closure/decumulation form):

o    Closure: upon the final closure of a foreign account. The closure form is also used to notify the CPC of the death of the account holder; 
o    Decumulation: when children reach the age of majority, they must file a tax return themselves and report their foreign account(s) to the CPC. The accounts of a child that were previously reported by the parents in their own names must be transferred to the child and thus closed (in the parents' names). 

  • Amendment of data (using the correction form): previously reported data can be amended or supplemented (e.g. different account number, new name for the financial institution, etc.).
  • Deletion of incorrect data (using the deletion form): this form is used only to request the deletion of misreported data (e.g. an accountant reported an incorrect national number for a customer).

Changes can be reported in two ways:

  • by filing an online notification via the CPC web application (this is also possible if the incorrect or incomplete data were originally submitted in writing). This is the easiest and fastest way!

To the CPC web application

  • by filing a notification in writing using one of the following forms:
    • closure/decumulation form: to report the final closure of a foreign account or the transfer of a foreign account to one's children (available in Dutch, French and German);
    • correction form: to amend previously reported data (available in Dutch, French and German);
    • deletion form: this form may only be used to request the deletion of incorrectly reported data (available in Dutch, French and German).  

The form must be duly completed, dated and signed by the resident or authorised representative and sent to the following address:
National Bank of Belgium
Central Point of Contact for accounts and financial contracts (CPC)
14 Boulevard de Berlaimont
1000 Brussels