The Central Corporate Credit Register (CCCR) registers informations on credits to legal entities (i.e. enterprises) and natural persons (i.e. individuals) granted in connection with their business activity. This applies to all persons, whether resident in Belgium or abroad.

By offering its participants the opportunity to consult the information recorded for each debtor, the CCCR represents an important tool for assessing their credit risk, both at the time when credit is granted and during continuous credit monitoring.

Anyone granting credit incurs a risk of non-repayment and/or a risk of non-payment of interest by the customer.  The assessment of that risk depends, inter alia, on the borrower’s existing level of debt, i.e. the total credit which that person has already obtained from various financial institutions, as well as other parameters like default of payment and guarantee given.

The information recorded at the CCCR is also intended to be used by the National Bank in connection with its legal missions (prudential supervision of credit institutions, financial stability, monetary policy...).