Information reported

By 31 March of each year at the latest, the registrants shall communicate data regarding the identity of their clients, the identification of the clients' bank accounts and the types of contracts that were in force in the previous year. The data will be stored for eight years.

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Please find here the changes that will come into effect as from 1 January 2022 (Dutch - French).



The identification data contain:

  • in the case of natural persons: the identification number in the National Register of Natural Persons or, if not available, the name, first name, place of birth (or, if not available, country of birth);
  • in the case of legal persons: the number under which they are registered at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises or, if not available, the full name, the potential legal form and the country of establishment.

In addition, the following data shall be communicated:

  • the numbers of bank accounts existing in Belgium which enable the client to receive revenue, to undertake cash withdrawals or cash transfers, to make payments in favour of a third party or to receive payments originating from a third party and whose owner or co-owner was the client of a registrant in the previous calendar year;
  • the types of contracts held with a registrant at any given point in time during the previous calendar year.

The first year for which bank account numbers have been registered, is 2010.

The types of contracts, in this case the ones obtained during the year 2014, will only be communicated to the CPC as from January 2015.

The retention period of the information communicated to the CPC is eight years as of the date of termination:

  • in the case of identification data: of the latest calendar year to which the submitted identification data relate;
  • in the case of other data: the latest calendar year to which the closing of an account or the termination of a contract relates.

After the expiry of the retention period mentioned above, the respective data will be irretrievably deleted.

In addition, regarding the persons/entities registered in the CPC, various measures have been taken to safeguard the protection of personal data.