Protection of personal data

Regarding the persons/entities registered in the CPC, various measures have been taken to safeguard the protection of personal data.

Under these measures, each person/entity:

  • is informed by the registrant upon the opening of a bank account or the closing of a contract, that the respective data are sent to the CPC, specifying the identity and address of the entity responsible for the CPC (namely the NBB), the purpose of the procedure, etc.;
  • has been informed by the registrant by 1 February 2014 at the latest by means of a durable medium that the respective data for 2010 to 2013 have been recorded;
  • may request the CPC free of charge and in person to transmit information about the data recorded under his/her/its name;
  • may request the registrant to correct or delete the data free of charge should the recorded information prove to be erroneous.

Moreover, data the retention period of which has expired are irretrievably deleted.

These measures apply to both natural and legal persons.