Our web pages will soon be updated to take into account the latest legal developments.

Please find here the changes that will come into effect as from 1 January 2022 (Dutch - French).


'Registrant' or 'those required to report': A bank, bureau de change, credit institution or savings association mentioned in Article 322, § 3, of the Belgian Income Tax Code 1992.

'Client': Any natural or legal person or association of persons without legal personality which is

  • the owner or co-owner of an account held with a registrant;
  • the primary counterparty or co-counterparty to a contract concluded with a registrant.

'Account': any bank account opened in Belgium that enables a registrant's client to receive revenue, to undertake cash withdrawals or cash transfers, to make payments in favour of a third party or to receive payments originating from a third party.

'Contract': any of the following agreements concluded between a client and a registrant either directly or through an authorised representative, and which is not inseparably combined with an account:

  • mortgage credit agreement;
  • instalment sale agreement;
  • financial leasing agreement;
  • instalment loan agreement;
  • credit-granting agreement;
  • investment services and/or activities agreement;
  • transfer of funds;
  • any other agreement not mentioned above by means of which a lender supplies funds to a natural or legal person or commits to supply funds to an enterprise under condition that such funds be paid back on time.