Accounts registered in the CPC


The following accounts are registered in the CPC: 

  • Any account held by a Belgian resident at a foreign banking, exchange, credit or savings institution.
  • Any bank or payment account opened in Belgium that enables customers of a financial institution to:
    • receive revenue;
    • make cash withdrawals or deposits, or
    • make or receive payments on behalf of a third party

The technical definition of the term ‘bank account’ is as follows:

Any specific subdivision in a credit institution’s accounting plan that has been created in Belgium as a result of a banking or financial agreement it has concluded with its customer, alone or jointly with other persons, and that makes it possible to record and monitor, on an individual basis, the flows and balances of monetary assets: 

  • that are held by the credit institution concerned on behalf of that customer, alone or jointly with other persons, or 
  • that are made available by the credit institution concerned to that customer, alone or jointly with other persons.

Financial contracts registered in the CPC


The CPC registers the existence of the following types of contracts concluded by a declarer in Belgium with a customer, alone or jointly with other persons:

  • mortgage credit granted to a natural person acting outside a trade, business or profession;
  • instalment sales concluded with a natural person acting outside a trade, business or profession;
  • instalment loans granted to a natural person acting outside a trade, business or profession;
  • lease agreements;
  • credit granted to a natural person acting outside a trade, business or profession;
  • agreements relating to investment services and/or ancillary services;
  • any other agreements under which a creditor provides funds to a natural or legal person, or undertakes to provide funds to a company with the provision that they are repaid over time;
  • rental of safe-deposit boxes;
  • life insurance contracts belonging to insurance class 21, 23, 25 or 26, except for death insurance contracts and contracts concluded in the framework of one of the three pillars of the Belgian pension system. 

Financial transactions involving cash


Any of the following transactions taking place in Belgium is considered a financial transaction involving cash:

  • the exchange of cash for cash; 
  • the purchase or sale of monetary assets in precious metals in exchange for cash;
  • the execution of payment transactions and of transfers of funds in exchange for the deposit or withdrawal of cash by the customer, acting in person or through an agent; 

The legislator does not consider the following transactions as financial transactions involving cash:

  • cash deposits into the own bank or payment account, or
  • cash withdrawals from the own bank or payment account

carried out by the holder or co-holder of this bank or payment account, acting in person or through a proxy.

Party entitled to access the information

A limited number of legal persons who are legally entitled to consult data in the CPC database as part of their public interest mission.

Such a consultation may only take place within the framework of a strict procedure:

  • by certain officials of the FPS Finance who are part of:
    • the services that audit income tax or value added tax;
    • the General Administration of Customs and Excise (GAC&E);
    • the collecting services that collect amounts relating to: 
      • tax and non-tax revenue;
      • customs and excise duties;
      • the Code on Registration, Mortgage and Court Registry Duties;
      • the Inheritance Tax Code;
      • criminal fines, forfeiture of sums of money, legal costs and contributions;
    • the Treasury Administration;
  • by certain magistrates of the FPS Justice:
    • Crown Prosecutors and all magistrates exercising this function;
    • Investigating Judges;
    • the Criminal Courts and the Courts of Appeal in criminal cases;
    • magistrates of the Public Prosecution Service who conduct penalty enforcement investigations;
    • the judge appointed by the President of the Company Court within the framework of insolvency proceedings; 
    • Justices of the Peace in the context of assets administration;
    • the Central Office for Seizure and Confiscation (OCSC/COIV);
  • by State Security and the General Intelligence and Security Service of the Armed Forces (SGRS/ADIV);
  • by certain employees of the Flemish Tax Administration;
  • by notaries in the context of declarations of estate;
  • by the National Chamber of Judicial Officers at the request of the attachment judge as part of certain precautionary attachment procedures;
  • by the Financial Intelligence Processing Unit (CTIF/CFI).


The legislator distinguishes between different categories of declarers that are required to submit information to the CPC:

  • credit institutions;
  • stockbroking firms;
  • payment institutions;
  • electronic money institutions;
  • persons established in Belgium who carry out cash transactions professionally;
  • insurance companies;
  • companies specialising in finance leasing;
  • creditors who grant credit in the course of their trade or business;
  • Bpost.