Central Point of Contact for accounts and financial contracts (CPC)

The Central Point of Contact for accounts and financial contracts (CPC) is a register of:

  • Belgian accounts and financial contracts;
  • foreign accounts of natural persons required to file a personal income tax return in Belgium; 
  • financial transactions involving cash.

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All Belgian residents holding foreign accounts are required to declare them directly to the CPC.

Declaring my foreign account

Anyone can request an overview of the data registered in their name in the CPC database, free of charge.

Consulting my data

Buitenlandse rekeningen melden

Professionals: declarers

Financial institutions operating in Belgium are legally required to report information on their customers’ domestic accounts, financial contracts and transactions involving cash to the CPC.


Professionals: parties entitled to access the information

A limited number of persons are legally entitled to consult data in the CPC database, as part of their public interest mission. They are referred to as ‘parties entitled to access the information’.