Central point of contact

The Central Point of Contact (CPC) is a register of the bank account numbers and all types of contracts held at financial institutions in Belgium by both resident and non-resident natural or legal persons.

  • The National Bank is entrusted by law with the task of maintaining a Central Point of Contact (CPC) to which the registrants must communicate a list of their clients, the identification of the bank accounts owned or co-owned by their clients, and the types of contracts these clients have concluded with the registrants.

  • The institutions which are required to communicate data to the CPC are such banks, bureaux de change, credit institutions and savings banks established in Belgium as are referred to in Article 322, § 3, of the Belgian Income Tax Code 1992.

  • By 31 March of each year at the latest, the registrants shall communicate data regarding the identity of their clients, the identification of the clients’ bank accounts and the types of contracts that were in force in the previous year. The data will be stored for eight years.

  • The tax authorities are empowered to consult the CPC in order to obtain banking information on persons/entities subject to taxation where there are indications of tax fraud, or where taxes need to be recovered.

    Natural and legal persons may upon request receive free of charge a copy of the data stored under their name at the CPC; such a request must be made in writing, show the date and signature and be addressed to the BNB.