Working groups

In order to develop actual projects, the NPO has set up three working groups which are responsible for coordinating projects at national level but also for participating in international working groups.

Working group "Taxonomy annual accounts"

  • Development of the annual accounts taxonomy based on Belgian accounting principles (BE-GAAP)
  • Participation at international level:
    • Versioning Working Group: this involves defining the technical specifications for managing successive versions of the taxonomies
    • Taxonomy Architecture Group: publication of "best practices" with regard to taxonomy creation and project implementation

For more information on this working group: Camille Dümm (

Working group on "Recognition of taxonomies for public use"

The aim of this working group is to set up a technical Committee composed of experts in charge of recognition and validation of Belgian taxonomies intended for wide public use.

This recognition procedure is being put together with a view to ensuring quality and consistency and aims to meet several key objectives, namely:

  • to guarantee the technical quality of the taxonomies developed within the jurisdiction and intended for general public use
  • to ensure full and objective information about the availability and status of published taxonomies
  • to maintain consistency in the development of national taxonomies.

For more information on this working group: Caroline Dupae (

Working group "Communication"

  • External communication: media, conferences, website, etc.
  • Internal communication: training, etc.
  • Welcoming new members
  • Analysis of synergies with other jurisdictions (regulator groups, etc.)

For more information on this working group: Camille Dümm (