How to become a member?

You will find here the advantages and the conditions of membership of XBRL Belgium.

Advantages for XBRL Belgium participants

The main advantages consist in having access to all of the available information distributed by XBRL International but also the possibility of participating in international working groups with experts and benefiting from their knowledge and experience. Participation in XBRL International is via local jurisdictions, such as XBRL Belgium.


  • access to privileged information and to working documents,
  • access to technical discussions via forums (yahoo groups),
  • access to the network of potential users, developers
  • keeping informed of possible XBRL applications planned in companies, by regulators or authorities, etc.


  • participation in the development of taxonomies,
  • participation in the promotion of the jurisdiction,
  • possibility of influencing the activities of XBRL Belgium,
  • possibility of influencing the priorities and the agenda of XBRL Belgium.

International representation

  • participating in work carried out at international level,
  • defending Belgian interests in international developments,
  • benefiting from the support of XBRL International.

These advantages may only be exploited in full in an organisation where all of these activities are structured and very carefully coordinated. Although XBRL International is a non-profit institution, and in spite of the fact that the work carried out by its members is voluntary, it must have sufficient financial resources to achieve its objectives. This is the reason why, like other organisations which develop and manage standards, it has entrusted national jurisdictions with collecting a financial contribution from their members.

Conditions of membership

The annual subscriptions are fixed by the Board of Directors of XBRL Belgium. For 2011, the subscription has been fixed at 1 750 euro for full members.

Academic participants may be admitted as members free of charge.

Membership form

If you would like to submit your application to XBRL Belgium, you can do so using the membership form.

If you would like to consult the list of current members, please click here.