Webservice Index of references

The National Bank of Belgium puts the daily index of references of all the annual and consolidated accounts filed with the NBB at the disposal through a webservice.


The references of all annual and consolidated accounts filed with the National Bank are inserted in an ASCII-textfile. The index of references is etablished according to a fixed structure (French - Dutch ) and can be used freely ad unlimitedly.

For more information on this webservice, you can contact the Helpdesk of the Central Balance Sheet Office (tel. 02 221 30 01 or e‑mail helpdesk.ba@nbb.be ).

A limited number of references have been modified after they had been initially made available. Possible modifications are:

  • the actual closing date of the filed annual accounts may differ from the date shown in this file
  • the code describing the nature of the accounts deposited is wrong
  • the annual accounts are attributed to another juristic person


The webservice 'Index of references' is free of charge.