Webservice Accounting data from standardized annual accounts

The Central Balance Sheet Office makes the data taken from the standardized annual accounts filed throughout a year available with a webservice.


Five distinct file types are offered within the framework of this webservice:

  • those containing the accounting information (incl. social balance sheet) such as published by the depositing enterprises, non profit institutions and foundations (frequency: once a week)
  • those containing the corrections made by the Central Balance Sheet Office to the above-mentioned accounting information, with a view to establishing the sectoral statistics (frequency: once a month)
  • those containing the data on the interests and social rights held in other companies (frequency: as soon as a sufficient number of new data has become available)
  • those containing the annual accounts in XBRL-format, deposited in this format by the enterprises, non profit institutions and foundations
  • those containing the references of the annual accounts.

More information can be found in the general terms of subscription (in French, in Dutch) and in the technical information (in French, in Dutch) (description of data and records, access modes to the server, etc....).


An annual subscription to the webservice 'Accounting data from standardized annual accounts' costs 12.400 euro and can be obtained through an order form (in French, in Dutch).