XBRL is a rapidly emerging computer language for the electronic exchange and standardisation of financial reporting through the internet. The non-profit-making organisation XBRL Belgium has been set up to encourage its use in Belgium.

  • XBRL is a computer language which has been developed for the exchange of financial reports through the Internet.

  • The XBRL platform for Belgium was introduced at the National Bank's head office on 22 November 2004. Its aim will be to promote the use in Belgium of "eXtensible Business Reporting Language" (XBRL).

  • The be-fr-pfs-ci-2020-02-01 taxonomy is the final version of the taxonomy used as from 2 March 2020 for drawing up annual accounts of non financial enterprises, associations and foundations in the form of a structured data file, for filing them via the Internet at the National Bank.

  • You will find below the taxonomies used in the past for the layout of the annual accounts of non financial companies, associations and foundations