Here you will find more information about the IFRS, or International Financial Reporting Standards.

Consolidated annual accounts drawn up according to IFRS standards

This Excel-file gives an overview of the companies that have filed consolidated annual accounts at the National Bank during the period 2009-2018. This list mentions whether the consolidated account has been established according to the IFRS standards or not.

Images of the consolidated accounts filed since 2009 can be consulted with 'The application consult'.

Other addresses with useful information about IFRS-Standards

Link to Eurostat - Accounting & Statistics

The introduction of IFRS will affect several areas of statistics: national accounts, balance of payments, money and banking statistics, etc. Therefore in 2000, Eurostat has initiated work on Accounting and Statistics with four main goals:

  • to make sure that Eurostat and the European Statistical System (ESS) are prepared to handle any changes in statistics arising from the introduction of IFRS in 2005
  • to make sure that Eurostat and the National Statistical Institutes take the opportunity to promote the exploitation of accounting sources, thus reducing the reporting requirements for enterprises
  • to monitor future developments in IFRS and give early warning of their possible impact on statistics
  • to make sure that statisticians use all available opportunities to influence future changes in IFRS in order to promote their interests.

Link to the European Commission - The International Accounting Standards

This European Commission webpage primarily contains information about the status of IAS/IFRS in the context of their endorsement by the European Union. It also includes a few documents about the application and interpretation of the standards.