Access to international databases

BACH - Bank for the Accounts of Companies Harmonised

The European BACH database contains by sector the aggregated and harmonized information on the annual accounts of non-financial companies from 12 European countries, amongst which Belgium. She is managed by the Banque de France.

Bach database

• Trade credit Data Base ( FSA WG ECCBSO) - database on periods of collection and payment in trade credits

This database contains indicators of days sales outstanding (DSO) and days payable outstanding (DPO), used as proxies for customer and supplier payment periods.

TCDB is based on accounting information drawn from financial statements of firms from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

Data is provided as weighted mean and statistical distributions. Available from 2000.
Breakdown by:

  • country
  • sector
  • size
  • year

Trade Credit Data Base

ERICA - European Records of IFRS Consolidated Accounts

This file provides statistical information based on the data available in ERICA a database created by the ERICA Working Group of the ECCBSO (European Committee of Central Balance Sheet Data Offices).

It collects information from the IFRS consolidated accounts of non-financial listed groups of 8 participating countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The statistics have been compiled, using the ERICA 2016 database, covering more than 1000 European listed groups over the 2005-2016 period.

For a selection of nearly 50 variables, averages, total aggregates, quartiles, minimum and maximum values are published, by year, by sector of activity, by country and/or by size class.

ERICA statistics 2016