Payment options

Uploaded annual accounts files have to be paid for before they can be accepted by the National Bank of Belgium.

Attention in case of group payments paid by bank transfer: the payment of the total amount can only be made by one person. The structured communication can only be used for one payment. Partial payments with the same structured communication by different customers will be automatically rejected.

If deposits are to be paid by different customers, one payment per deposit must be made, not a bulk payment.

On the CCV payment page, you must always choose a payment method (card or bank transfer). The reference on this page cannot be used as a structured communication for a bank transfer.

In order to pay the filing costs of an annual account and/or other documents to be filed, you have to login to the FILING application, using the same identification data as you used to submit the filing form.

However, since 4 April 2022 you can also use a payment link which can be forwarded to the person (e.g. client or colleague) who will make the payment in the place of the depositor.

The ultimate date of receipt of payment has to be honoured. In practice, the deposit must be received at the latest 6 working days after the status 'Ready for payment' has been issued. The status can be found in the Personal Space from which you have submitted the deposit form and the payment was initiated.

Payments that are not made correctly will be automatically refunded by the payment service provider, CCV. Deposits not paid on time are recorded as 'rejected'. You will have to resubmit the deposit if necessary. As a result, the official filing date will change and this could affect the charge that is applicable. However, a new import or creation of the form in the Personal Space is not necessary, as you can reuse the rejected form. However, you do need to resubmit, validate and pay for the form.

For the payment of the deposit fees due, you can choose between: "Payment by a third party" or "Proceed to payment".

Since 4 April 2022 we use in the new FILING application, a new payment service provider, CCV, and the payment options are more extensive than in the old FILING application.

1. Payment by a third party

In this case, the depositor will not make the payment himself, but will leave it to someone else.

Enter the e-mail address of the person who will make the payment and the language to be used to send the e-mail with the payment link.

This link will take the payer directly to the secure payment module of CCV, our new payment service provider, without having to log into FILING. The payer can then proceed to pay the deposit fee and choose the payment method himself: “Bank transfer” or “Card”, according to the procedure described below for payment by the depositor (see: Proceed to payment).

2. Proceed to payment

The depositor will pay the deposition costs himself and must first choose the payment method: “Card” or “Bank transfer”.

2.1 Card

The possibilities for card payments have been extended to credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and debit cards.

Payment via Bancontact is also possible and for amounts below € 1500 a QR-code will be generated for mobile payment.

2.2 Bank transfer

If you choose to pay by transfer, the Internet Application will automatically generate the data required to execute the transfer.

As of 4 April 2022, we work in the new FILING environment with a new payment service provider, CCV. Therefore, please make sure that you use the new CCV account number for payment of filing fees for annual accounts and/or other documents to be filed as of 4 April 2022 for payment by bank transfer and that you fill in the following payment data correctly:

  • the total amount due
  • the specific account number of CCV: BE29 3631 4674 4064
  • with the bank identification code: BBRUBEBB
  • the name of the beneficiary: CCV België NV/SA
  • the structured communication (e.g. +++ 012/3456/78910 +++)

Attention: the ultimate date for receipt of payment must be respected!

In the payment interface, after selecting bank transfer, please enter your e-mail address.

An e-mail containing the precise payment details will be sent by CCV to the e-mail address provided.

The old account number of the Central Balance Sheet Office BE47 0016 2658 1680 with the bank identification code GEBABEBB was permanently closed on 14/04/2022.

You should be fully aware that, if the payment service provider CCV does not receive the amount due on time in its specific account, the annual accounts in question will be automatically rejected, and you would then have to go through the entire filing procedure for those annual accounts again. If this happens, the official filing date will change and this may affect the charge applied.

You can make the credit tranfer by pc-banking, Isabel or even mobile phone. We advise against the use of bank transfers on paper, as well as payments on the counter of a credit institution or the postal office.

Make the credit transfer immediately. We repeat that the filing costs have to be paid within 6 working days of the date on which the status 'Ready for payment' has been assigned to the relevant annual accounts. The bank transfer must mention the appropriate amount and the appropriate structured communication. The date on which such an annual account has been uploaded, will then be used as the official filing date, even though the payment has not yet been received by the payment service provider on this date.

An annual account is deleted and recorded as invalid filing if the payment service provider:

  • receives an incorrect amount 
  • receives the amount too late (i.e. later than 6 working days after the status "Ready for payment" is granted);
  • receives an amount that lacks the structured communication or the given structured communication is incorrect.

Amounts already transferred that arrive late are automatically refunded. In the free communication zone, you will find the code of the reason for the refund.