Digital key

You need a digital key in order to use Filing.

The following certificates can be used:

  1. e-ID - electronic identity card
    More detailed information is available on the website of the Belgian federal government
  2. GlobalSign - PersonalSign 3 Pro Certificate
  3. Isabel 6
  4. Quo Vadis EU Qualified-certificate and Quo Vadis BE Qualified Certificates

  Attention! Please note that FPS Policy and Support (BOSA) is currently preparing Federal Authentication Service (FAS) version 2.0., in which authentications via commercial certificates will no longer be possible for sign-on via CSAM.

An extension of the use of commercial certificates has been granted until 24/12/2023 in anticipation of the new FAS 2.0. New certificates (from new issuers) will not be allowed from 24/12/2022.