Tariffs for companies 2023

The tariffs are adjusted annually, on 1 January, to the evolution of the consumer price index. (RD of 29 April 2019, articles 3:70 and 3:188)

The tariff for filing annual accounts is determined by:

  • the model of the annual accounts: full, abbreviated or micro;
  • the format used: XBRL or PDF.

In case of late filing, the filing fee is increased by a supplementary charge. (CCA, art. 3:13)

Tariffs 2023

  full abbreviated micro
XBRL 359,40 84,80 63,60
PDF 425,90 151,20 130,10
Correction for an annual account 81,40 81,40 51,80

Composition of tariffs for 2023

The composition of tariffs for companies can be found in this summary table.