Model selection tool

I wish to make a filing for:

- a company

Tool voor modelkeuze

 There are several models for companies:

  • general models: choose Standard
  • models intended only for credit institutions, investment firms, management companies of undertakings for collective investment, insurance companies or copyright collecting societies: choose Specific
  • models for consolidated companies: choose Consolidated

- an association, foundation or health insurance fund

There are different models available for associations, foundations and health insurance funds:

  • general models: choose Standard
  • models intended only for schools or hospitals, which, due to the special nature of their activities, are subject to specific legislation and have a form of annual accounts that differs from the standard models. In addition, institutions for occupational retirement provision (IORP) must use a specific model: choose Specific
  • health insurance funds and national federations of health insurance funds subject to the Act of 6 August 1990 must prepare their annual accounts in accordance with the model established by the Office for the Oversight of Health Insurance Funds and National Federations of Health Insurance Funds: choose Health insurance funds

- a foreign company, association or foundation

Note: all foreign legal entities should use a standard cover sheet in Dutch, French or German when making a mandatory filing:

- a separate social balance sheet

The separate social balance sheet contains specific information on employment within a company: the number of employees, staff turnover, employee training, and so on. The filing of a separate social balance sheet is an exception.