Practical information on the Filing application

Most companies, associations and foundations active in Belgium are required to file (statutory and/or consolidated) annual accounts and/or other documents with the National Bank of Belgium (NBB).

  • Filing is an online application made available by the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) for the drawing up, validation and filing of annual accounts.

  • Access to the Filing application is through CSAM, the official online portal for government services. To access the portal, a digital key is required.

  • The personal space is the environment where users can perform various actions, such as filing annual accounts and paying the filing fee.

  • If no errors are identified during the validation process, the accounts are marked as “ready for payment”. Once this status has been granted, payment should be made within six working days.

  • When annual accounts are filed, the National Bank of Belgium carries out a number of (automatic) arithmetical and logical checks. The validation report indicates to filers whether their annual accounts contain errors and/or warnings.