Personal space

The personal space is a working environment for the preparation and submission of filings.

Users can find their personal space on the Filing application home page.

When using the Filing application for the first time, your personal space will be empty. On the start screen, you will see three possible options. If you have previously submitted a filing form, click on “New deposit form” in the top right corner.

The three options are:

  • import one or more ZIP or XBRL documents
  • Declare a single PDF file
  • create a new annual account

You will then be redirected to your personal space in the Filing application.

 MORE INFO You can read more about the personal space in this document available in Dutch and French.

In brief

  • How to use your personal space: available in Dutch and French

How to change the language of the application

The language of the personal space corresponds to that selected by the user in their profile.  Users can change their profile language as follows:

  1. Open profile settings and choose the desired language.
  2. Adjust your profile.
  3. Enter your e-mail address and language.

Profile data are an important part of the personal space and allow the NBB to send information by e-mail, for example on the payment of filing fees for annual accounts.

Please note that the language of the personal space is not the same as the language of the filing form. The latter is determined when creating a form, in answer to the question regarding the language in which the accounts should be filed.

 Users can change the language of the Filing application via the drop-down menu next to their name.