Payment methods

In order for uploaded annual accounts to be accepted by the National Bank of Belgium, the filing fee must be paid.

Please note that for batch payments by bank transfer, the filing fee must be paid at one time, by one person. This is because a structured communication can only be used for a single payment. Partial payments with the same structured communication by different users will be automatically rejected.

If a filing fee is to be paid by multiple users, a single payment per filing must be made, not a batch payment.

On the CCV payment page, it is necessary to choose a payment method (card or bank transfer). The reference on this page cannot be used as a structured communication for a bank transfer.

In order to pay the filing fee for annual accounts and/or other documents, it is first necessary to log in to the Filing application, with the identification details used to submit the filing form.

Since 4 April 2022, it has been possible to send a payment link to a third party (e.g. a client or colleague) who will make the payment in place of the filer.

The deadline for receipt of payment must be met. In practice, the fee must be received within six working days from the time the filing is marked as “ready for payment”. Users can find the status of their filing in their personal space.

Payments that are not made correctly will be automatically refunded by the payment service provider, CCV. Filings for which the filing fee is not paid on time will be marked as “rejected” and must be resubmitted. As a result, the official filing date will change, which could affect the applicable filing fee. In this case, re-import or the creation of a new form in the personal space is not required, as the rejected form can be reused. However, it will be necessary to resubmit the filing, await validation and pay the fee.

For payment of the filing fee, it is possible to choose either “Payment by a third party” or “Proceed to payment”.

Since 4 April 2022, the Filing application has had a new payment service provider, CCV, and hence more extensive payment methods.

1. Payment by a third party

In this case, the filer entrusts payment of the filing fee to another party.

Enter the e-mail address of the person that will make the payment and the language to be used for the e-mail with the payment link.

This link will direct the payer directly to CCV’s secure payment module, without having to first log in to the Filing application. The payer can then proceed to pay the filing fee and choose the payment method (bank transfer or card).

2. Proceed to payment

In this case, the filer pays the filing fee directly and must first choose the payment method, card or bank transfer.

2.1 Card payments

Payments can be made by credit card (Visa and MasterCard) or debit card.

Payment by Bancontact is also possible; for amounts below €1500, a QR code will be generated to allow payment by mobile phone.

2.2 Bank transfer

For payments made by bank transfer, the Filing application will automatically generate the data required to execute the transfer.

On 4 April 2022, a new Filing environment with a new payment service provider, CCV, was introduced. Please make sure to use the CCV account number to pay filing fees for annual accounts and/or other documents to be filed as from 4 April 2022 and to fill in the following data correctly:

  • the total amount due
  • the account number of CCV: BE29 3631 4674 4064
  • the bank identification code: BBRUBEBB
  • the name of the beneficiary: CCV België NV/SA
  • the structured communication (e.g. +++ 012/3456/78910 +++)

Note: The deadline for receipt of payment must be met!

In the payment interface, after selecting bank transfer, please enter your e-mail address.

CCV will send an e-mail with precise payment details to the e-mail address provided.

The former account of the Central Balance Sheet Office, BE47 0016 2658 1680 with BIC GEBABEBB, was permanently closed on 14 April 2022.

Please note that if CCV does not receive the amount due on time, the annual accounts in question will be automatically rejected, and it will be necessary to restart the filing process. In this case, the official filing date will change which could affect the amount due.

It is possible to make a bank transfer by PC, Isabel or your mobile phone. We advise against bank transfers using paper forms, as well as in-person payments at a bank or post office.

It is important to pay the filing fee as soon as possible. As indicated above, the filing fee must be paid within six working days from the time the filing is marked as “ready for payment”. The transfer order must mention the amount and the structured communication. The date on which the annual accounts were uploaded will be used as the official filing date, even if payment has not been received by the payment service provider on this date.

Annual accounts are automatically rejected and registered as an invalid filing if the payment service provider:

  • collects less than the filing fee;
  • collects the amount late (i.e., more than six working days after the 'Ready for payment' status has been assigned)); or
  • collects an amount without or with incorrect structured communication..

A payment that cannot be processed correctly (late payment, insufficient payment, no structured communication, or incorrect structured communication, etc. ) will be automatically refunded. Similarly, if too much has been paid, the difference will be automatically refunded.