About the Filing application

Filing is an online application made available by the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) for the drawing up, validation and filing of annual accounts.

The CBSO Filing application

Multiple possibilities

Alles over filling

Filing allows you to:

  • import one or more ZIP or XBRL documents,
  • declare a single PDF file,
  • create a new annual account free of charge.

What must be filed?

The Filing application allows users to file annual accounts and other documents which must be submitted pursuant to the Code of Companies and Associations, such as:

  • annual accounts of companies,
  • consolidated annual accounts of companies,
  • annual accounts of associations and foundations,
  • statements of assets and liabilities for migrating companies,
  • the social balance sheet, for companies that are not required to file annual accounts (derogation).

Ease of use

Filing has a number of features that enhance ease of use, including the possibility to:

  • calculate totals and subtotals;
  • correct calculation errors and warnings;
  • retrieve data from the previous financial year;
  • use the Quick Editor to fill in sections quickly;
  • export and duplicate forms;
  • forward a "payment link";
  • import pdf files instead of text fields in certain sections of the accounts (shareholder structure, auditor’s report, annual report, valuation rules, etc.).

In brief

  • Filing - Quick Start Guide: available in Dutch and French
  • Filing - User Guide: available in Dutch and French
  • How to import existing forms into Filing: available in Dutch and French
  • How to create a new form for a PDF filing: available in Dutch and French
  • How to create a new standard form from scratch: available in Dutch and French
  • How to edit the content of the form: available in Dutch and French
  • How to retrieve last year's data: available in Dutch and French
  • How to submit a filing to the NBB: available in Dutch and French

Synchronisation with the CBE

The Filing application automatically retrieves data from the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE). The NBB is not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of these data.

Filing process

How does the filing application work?

Rectification of data

The legislature has provided for the possibility to correct previously filed annual accounts. It should be noted that a corrected filing does not replace the initial one. In other words, the first filing remains visible and available for consultation via Consult even after an amended filing has been made.