Off-line delivery of copies of annual accounts

A copy of all annual accounts filed with the Central Balance Sheet Office can be requested in the form of a PDF file or on paper according to the conditions mentioned below.

This applies to:

  • documents submitted before 1 January 1999 (dating back to April 1978, the date on which the Central Balance Sheet Office was set up)
  • the more recent annual accounts that are available online

The requested copies will be delivered to you, of your choice:

  • by e-mail, with the documents in pdf format as attached files. The price is 5 € per document.
  • on paper. The amount to be paid per printed sheet is 0,25 euro, excluding postage costs.


Source: Royal Decree of 29 April 2019 implementing the BER, art. 3:192.

You can order annual accounts using this online order form.