FAQ - Company file

1. Why is there no activation code included in the 'Acknowledgement of filing' of the annual accounts that I filed?

An activation code is supplied only for non-amending annual accounts drawn up according to the full, abbreviated or micro model for enterprise. If you have filed standard annual accounts for an association or foundation, or if you have filed annual accounts according to a specific model (consolidated accounts of credit institutions, insurance companies, etc.), the “Notice of filing” sent by the National Bank of Belgium does not state an activation code.

2. Is it possible to have more than one valid activation code for my company?

A new activation code is generated each time non-amending annual accounts are accepted. Moreover, that code is valid for four years following the date of filing. If you have filed annual accounts in more than one language, or if you file annual accounts regularly, it is therefore normal for you to have more than one valid activation code for your company.

3. Is it possible to obtain an activation code to consult the file on a company whose accounts were not filed by me?

No. The online consultation of the 'Company File' is intended for companies to consult their own accounts.

4. Can an activation code be used more than once?

The activation code can be used without restriction for so long as the code is valid. However, the National Bank of Belgium reserves the right to restrict the use of an activation code in the event of misuse.

5. Although I have an activation code I cannot access my company file.

The activation code is sent to all enterprises filing standard annual accounts without prior assessment of the file’s feasibility. It is therefore possible for you to receive a code even though your file cannot be produced. That is the case for an enterprise filing its annual accounts for the first time, or if an enterprise’s annual accounts do not pass the statutory arithmetical and logical tests.

6. How soon are annual accounts available in the application?

Annual accounts filed in the XBRL format are generally available in the application 2 or 3 days after the acknowledgement of filing has been sent. However, in the case of annual accounts filed on paper or in the PDF format, it takes about ten days.

7. Where do the data identifying the company come from?

The data identifying legal entities (name, address, form and legal situation, etc.) communicated by the National Bank of Belgium are obtained from the Central Business Databank operated by FPS Economy. The National Bank of Belgium merely accepts these data as correct.

8. How is the company assigned its NACE activity code?

The company’s activity code is the statistical activity code applicable on the file consultation date, and assigned by the Central Balance Sheet Office on the basis of the principal activity codes available from the Central Business Databank and supplementary data which it collects directly from companies.

9. Why are some sections of the file missing or incomplete?

The content of the file depends on the information available in the annual accounts and certain company characteristics (sector of activity, legal form).

10. Why is no ratio available for the comparison sector?

The comparison sector ratios are not available if the statistics on the sector in question are not representative. In that case, select a sector of activity at a higher aggregate level to obtain a comparison sector.