Taxonomy from 4 April 2022

The XBRL taxonomy is being thoroughly revised and will be aligned with the XBRL 2.1 standard. The legal and arithmetical checks will be incorporated in the taxonomy via formulas, multiple versions of the taxonomy will be supported, separate filing of annual accounts and other documents will be possible, certain filing information such as participating interests, shareholders, contact details will be formalised, etc.


The taxonomy nbb-cbso-22.19.3 is the definitif version of the taxonomy which will be used from 4 April 2022 on the new Central Balance Sheet Office platform 'CBSO 2022' for the preparation, in the form of a structured database, of the annual accounts of non-financial corporations, associations and foundations, which are filed with the National Bank of Belgium via the internet.

More information can be found on the website 2022 provisional taxonomy for the new CBSO platform from 4 April 2022 (Dutch - French).