New Filing access procedure

Access to the new FILING application will be via a more modern external interface, namely CSAM, the gateway to the government's online services

Login will be possible with various digital keys:

Log in with your electronic identity card

Use your identity card and an eID card reader to log in. This is the standard login procedure to access the various Belgian government online services. This also guarantees the highest level of protection.

To log in with your eID, you will need the following:


Your eID-card. Always insert your eID into the card reader before going to the online desk.


Your PIN code. This is a 4-digit code.


The right software to use your eID. You can download it for free:

Download eID software (

eid reader A card reader:
  • Built-in card reader: some computers and keyboards have a built-in card reader.
  • Separate card reader: a separate card reader can be easily connected to your PC via a cable.

Log in with eID card reader - YouTube

Log in via itsme, your digital ID

Use your digital ID to log in securely with your smartphone.

To use this login option, you must already be registered at itsme.

The brochure explains how to do this You can also find out about itsme via  itsme®-app | Discover itsme.

Log in with an EU-recognised login tool via eIDAS

Citizens of another European Union country can use eIDAS to log into Belgian government online services through their own (notified) national identifiers and means of  authentication.

You can see the list of countries where a national electronic identifier can already be used by choosing 'Log in with an EU-recognised login method' when logging into an online service.

More information can be found on the following webpage: Log in with eIDAS

Log in without eID, itsme or eIDAS

For foreigners who cannot use the eID, itsme or eIDAS, additional access will be provided.

More information on CSAM can be found on its official website: