New CBSO web services

All the applications of the Central Balance Sheet Office have been completely rewritten since 4 April 2022, including the web services.

As a result, the offer of the web services for the delivery of data from the Central Balance Sheet Office has changed significantly.

We offer the following 5 new products from 4 April:

The external user can create an account for accessing these web services via a Self Service portal. Only registered users can access the data. See conditions & technical guide.

Subscribing to one or more products of the web services can be done via the web form or the order form.

The steps to be followed are:

  1. Administrative registration: order form or web form.
  2. You will receive a CLIENT_ID that you have to give to the technical user.
  3. The technical user must create a profile on the developers' portal https://developer.cbso.nbb.be.
  4. After verification, our Technical Support Team will approve the requests and identify the products based on the administrative registration and the CLIENT_ID. The technical user will find the CLIENT_ID in the subscription details. For paid products (Improved Data/Improved Archived Data) this will be done only after receipt of payment.

You can already explore the products in our "Web Services Test Environment".

Old Webservices

These webservices remain active until 30 June 2022. New filings of annual accounts since 4 April 2022 are only distributed via the new CBSO Webservices.