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Business intelligence

We’re all ears!

01 December 2022
The NBB keeps its ear to the ground in the business world. Like a veritable James Bond, we collect “business…
Energy inflation

Energy prices and inflation: it's complicated

18 November 2022
There’s a bit of good news for Belgian consumers: the federal energy regulator, CREG, issued a noteworthy draft…

Households save a large chunk of energy aid

10 November 2022
The government has taken measures to cushion the impact of high energy bills for households, such as a VAT reduction and…

Borrowing from the National Bank: how does it work?

13 October 2022
The idea of borrowing from the National Bank probably never crossed your mind because individual citizens cannot apply…
Belgian Prime News

Behind the scenes of Belgian Prime News

30 September 2022
For almost twenty-five years now, the National Bank of Belgium has been holding meetings every quarter with the Belgian…

What do we have to do with your new cowboy boots?

14 September 2022
It seems that cowboy boots are a must-have item this autumn! If you put a pair in your Zalando shopping basket, you will…
Man met das zit achter bureau vol Amerikaanse dollarbiljetten
Monetary policy

Growing income inequality leads to lower interest rates and higher household debt

31 August 2022
Interest rates have fallen significantly since the early ‘80s. Over the same period, income inequality has grown. In a…
Banking supervision

The ECB’s climate risk stress test: essentially a learning exercise

15 July 2022
“For what we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.” In its capacity as the EU banking supervisor, the European…
Financial stability

War, inflation and the energy crisis: is financial stability in jeopardy?

29 June 2022
The Belgian financial sector remains sound. This was the finding expressed by the National Bank in its annual report on…

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