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Het betaalgedrag van de Belgen in kaart

Mapping the payment behaviour of Belgians

14 April 2023
The payment statistics collected by the NBB harbour a wealth of information which, as a central bank, allows it to map…
International Women's Day
Gender gap

Mandatory shared parental leave as a means of reducing gender inequality

08 March 2023
It’s not easy to reconcile family life with professional commitments. Parental leave can be a solution, but there’s…
press conference

The Bank's annual pièce de résistance

03 March 2023
Today, 3 March, the National Bank published its annual report, which has long been the institution's most important…

Climate change doesn’t leave the financial sector cold

27 January 2023
The ECB has published new climate-related indicators for the financial sector, in cooperation with the national central…
Croatia in the euro zone

What will change when Croatia joins the euro area?

28 December 2022
On 1 January 2023, Croatia will join the euro area and the Schengen Area, almost ten years after becoming a member of…
business intelligence
Business intelligence

We’re all ears!

01 December 2022
The NBB keeps its ear to the ground in the business world. Like a veritable James Bond, we collect “business…

Energy prices and inflation: it's complicated

18 November 2022
There’s a bit of good news for Belgian consumers: the federal energy regulator, CREG, issued a noteworthy draft…

Households save a large chunk of energy aid

10 November 2022
The government has taken measures to cushion the impact of high energy bills for households, such as a VAT reduction and…

Borrowing from the National Bank: how does it work?

13 October 2022
The idea of borrowing from the National Bank probably never crossed your mind because individual citizens cannot apply…

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